I love working out! Whenever I come across a workout that I enjoy I will share it on this page. These are in no specific order. I have been attending a boot camp at Anytime Fitness so I will try and post a lot of our circuit routines on here. Also, I am currently studying to get certified through NETA to teach group fitness classes so I am pretty excited about that!

I encourage you to try some of these out!

Quick and effective ab workout...try to do this 3-4 times per week! 

1) Lie on your back and put your feet in the air. Reach up and touch your toes 25 times

2) Iron crosses: lay on your back, bend left knee 90 degrees and bring your right elbow to your knee, crunching your stomach, do this 20 times and then switch knee and elbow and do 20 times on that side as well

3) 30 regular crunches...get your back all the way off the ground and focus on keeping your abs tight 

4) V-ups: lie on your back; bring your legs and arms up so your body looks like a V shape. Repeat 15 times

5)  Leg switches- lie flat on your back. Lift one leg off of the ground about 45 degrees and hold for 3 seconds. Switch legs back and forth 25 times.

6) Mason twists: sit on your butt, put your legs up at 90 degree angle, twist your body and touch the ground to your side with both hands, switching side to side quickly 50 times.

 Enjoy and feel the burn!


This is a pretty awesome workout that can be done at home without any weights or equipment!
It is a build you do number 1, then repeat and add number 2, then repeat numbers 1 and 2 and add 3 and so on until you get to the 10th exercise. 

1) 10 pushups
2) 12 jump squats
3) 12 jumping lunges 
4) 30 mason twists
5) 1 min. plank

6) 12 burpees

7) 20 toe touching crunchs

8)  10 opposite arm opposite leg kicks on each leg

9) 30 high knees (15 each leg)

10) 50 mountain climbers


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