Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

Today is FRIDAY! I am linking up with Darci, April, Natasha and Christina for FIVE ON FRIDAY.


Side note: I have been reading Christina's blog Carolina Charm for over a year now, and I just need to comment on how excited I am for her and Matt's pregnancy! Such a cute little family :) Please keep her and baby in your prayers. 

1) First of all I had my first ever giveaway on my blog and I am happy to announce that Ellen C. is the winner of the $25 Target gift card! I hope to do another giveaway soon....they are fun!

2) I would just like to say how much I seriously love and adore my niece, Scarlet. She brightens my day, she is just the cutest, sweetest little girl ever. She melts my heart. I can't believe how fast the time has gone and that she is already three!

Hair Train with Scarlet and cousins Aubrey and Angie :)

Bath Time!

Sleeping Beauty :)

3) Still studying away for my NETA group fitness instructor is coming up in a couple of weeks! I really need to get a little more serious and increase my studying time. I always was pretty good at cramming the night before a test in college though ;)

4) Finally got to go ice fishing for the first time this winter. It has been crazy cold here in MN the past couple of weeks. We were out on Clear Lake in Iowa. Tim and I entered to fish in the "Yellow Bass Bonanza" on Clear Lake next weekend so that should be pretty fun! 

Doesn't the can of Keystone add a nice touch ;)

5) I would just like to say how proud I am of the North Iowa Bulls hockey team as well as the coaches for their continued success and hard work! Keep it up!


I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1) I am loving that Minneapolis/St. Paul was named the "fittest city" in America! Yeah!

" Which city is considered the healthiest, fittest in America? It's not a sunny, bikini-weather spot like Miami Beach or Malibu. It's a city famous for its frequent sub-zero temperatures, where residents need snow coats and ear muffs for months of the year: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minn., according to the American College of Sports Medicine's most recent American Fitness Index." 

"According to the American College of Sports Medicine's most recent American Fitness Index, the Twin Cities tops the list when it comes to most healthy and fit.
      Bre Johnson, of Lifetime Fitness, says that Twin Cities residents value good health. She thinks that's why you see brave and hearty souls continuing to bike and run outdoors despite the cold.
      "There's a different sport for every season," she said. "Maybe in the summer they're a marathon runner? In the winter, they're a cross country skier. They always have something to look forward to." 

If you couldn't tell by now I LOVE the state of MN and I agree with is so awesome that Minnesotans participate in different sports every season and there are so many brave souls who love to run and workout even in the freezing cold winters. 

Posing with my medal after the St. Paul "Turkey Trot" 10k this past November 

2) I am loving Yoplait's 100 calorie vanilla Greek yogurt!So delicious. Don't mind the computer in the background of my picture below...I was enjoying a yogurt at a work meeting this morning :)

3) I am loving this mug that I got from the Hockey City Classic last weekend. The University of Minnesota men's hockey team took on the Ohio State Buckeyes outdoors at TCF Bank Stadium. 
Despite the 10 degree weather, it was a fun event and the Gophers won 1-0.

Minnesota Golden Gophers men's - Hockey City Classic

...I am loving the memories from hockey day Minnesota 2014. I might sound a bit obsessed but I cant help it, hockey is truly a passion of mine. If you know anything about Minnesota you know that hockey is pretty big here. It is my all time favorite sport to watch and play. This past Saturday was "Hockey Day Minnesota" and I did not pass up any of the opportunities to watch hockey that day. I started by going to the outdoor gopher game Friday night followed by going to the U.S Pond Hockey Championships on Lake Nokomis all day Saturday. I also watched the gopher game and wild game Saturday night on T.V...and they both came through with a victory :)

Me with my beautiful friend Jackie

Gotta love outdoor hockey
Pond hockey tournament on Lake Nokomis was such a fun event
Nice photobomb by Noel

4) I am loving the book we are currently reading in our small group Bible study. It is called "20 Basics Every Christian Should Know" by Wayne Grudem. 

"Theology is important because what we believe affects how we live. If you're a relatively new believer in Jesus, or if you're a more mature Christian looking for a quick brush-up on basics of the faith, Christian Beliefs is for you. This readable guide to twenty basic Christian beliefs is a condensation of Wayne Grudem's award-winning book on systematic theology, prized by pastors and teachers everywhere." -John Piper 
5) I am loving this at home circuit workout from the amazing Julie who blogs over
 at    If you have a spare 30 minutes I recommend trying it. You don't need any equipment and it really gets your heart pumping and your body sweatin'! 

6) I am loving the fact that the wonderful Becky from From Mrs. to Mama is giving my blog some love in the sidebar of her blog. Be sure to check it out :)


Thursday, January 9, 2014

If You Really Know Me :)

You'd know that I LOVE comfy clothes :) yoga pants and a sweatshirt anyone??

You'd know that I love everything about the fall...the smell, the leaves, the crisp air!

You'd know I love simple things.

You'd know that I am shy at first...but after awhile of being around me you will realize that I'm not really that shy at all.

You'd know that I LOVE a good bonfire and some s'mores 

You'd know that I think diet dew, a 6-mile run and watching Christmas Vacation are some of the greatest things ever 

You'd know I LOVE sports...especially hockey :) I think I was possibly the biggest gopher hockey fan growing up...I mean my room was painted maroon and gold with hockey sticks on the walls. 

You'd know that I love fishing and ice fishing. Being on a lake in Minnesota, no matter what season it amazing. 

You'd know that I'm a Christian...I want my lifestyle to reflect the love and teachings of Jesus.

You'd know that I want three or four kids...maybe 5?? :)

...and you'd know that I already have their names picked out ;)

You'd know that I love my family and friends so so much!

You'd know that if  a friend called me at any moment I would be there for them. For WHATEVER they need. I CARE. 

You'd know that my favorite color is green and that I love Christmas and Christmas movies

You'd know that mich golden light is my favorite beer and I like to enjoy a glass of wine here and there 

You'd know I like all kinds of music...but especially country music with the windows down in the summer. ...I love AMERICA!

You'd know that I am a teacher and that I love children...I don't go a day at work without smiling

You'd know that I am studying to become certified by NETA as a group fitness instructor...I would love to teach exercise classes on the side and in the summer. I love running and working out :)

Getting my study on...hope to be a fitness instructor!

Me with my Grandma Diane on Christmas Eve

My beautiful mother :)

Bob is a beauty
Bre! best friends since 2nd grade 

I want to hang this in my home it


Played some hockey with my youngest brother this Christmas

LOVE my niece to pieces

You'd know I will be a Godly wife :)

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