Thursday, January 9, 2014

If You Really Know Me :)

You'd know that I LOVE comfy clothes :) yoga pants and a sweatshirt anyone??

You'd know that I love everything about the fall...the smell, the leaves, the crisp air!

You'd know I love simple things.

You'd know that I am shy at first...but after awhile of being around me you will realize that I'm not really that shy at all.

You'd know that I LOVE a good bonfire and some s'mores 

You'd know that I think diet dew, a 6-mile run and watching Christmas Vacation are some of the greatest things ever 

You'd know I LOVE sports...especially hockey :) I think I was possibly the biggest gopher hockey fan growing up...I mean my room was painted maroon and gold with hockey sticks on the walls. 

You'd know that I love fishing and ice fishing. Being on a lake in Minnesota, no matter what season it amazing. 

You'd know that I'm a Christian...I want my lifestyle to reflect the love and teachings of Jesus.

You'd know that I want three or four kids...maybe 5?? :)

...and you'd know that I already have their names picked out ;)

You'd know that I love my family and friends so so much!

You'd know that if  a friend called me at any moment I would be there for them. For WHATEVER they need. I CARE. 

You'd know that my favorite color is green and that I love Christmas and Christmas movies

You'd know that mich golden light is my favorite beer and I like to enjoy a glass of wine here and there 

You'd know I like all kinds of music...but especially country music with the windows down in the summer. ...I love AMERICA!

You'd know that I am a teacher and that I love children...I don't go a day at work without smiling

You'd know that I am studying to become certified by NETA as a group fitness instructor...I would love to teach exercise classes on the side and in the summer. I love running and working out :)

Getting my study on...hope to be a fitness instructor!

Me with my Grandma Diane on Christmas Eve

My beautiful mother :)

Bob is a beauty
Bre! best friends since 2nd grade 

I want to hang this in my home it


Played some hockey with my youngest brother this Christmas

LOVE my niece to pieces

You'd know I will be a Godly wife :)


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Kate said...

I'm not even sure how I came across your blog, but I'm so glad I did! Loved reading your tidbits about you...can definitely relate :) Have a great day!

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