Friday, January 11, 2013


I have not posted anything on this little blog of mine for a long time!! So where to start?! I cannot believe Christmas came and went by so fast and it is now 2013! So thankful for the birth of our Lord Jesus :)

Christmas was a lot of fun....we had family over at my dad's house for the first time in a long time. We had a blast catching up, playing our giant memory game, taking pictures and doing white elephant.
We also went to church with Tim's family and played some fun games at their house as well :)
I had the flu Christmas night though so that wasn't too fun. But I was happy to see my brother Troy again (he came back from Canada for a couple weeks)...and my beautiful niece Scarlet turned two years old on Christmas Eve!! Here is a picture of her with a pretty creepy looking santa

New years eve was pretty fun too, we got to spend it with former college roommates....we went to the recently married KK and Jared Hummel's house in Woodbury with some other good friends from Hamline.

I am doing a lot of substitute teaching and I love it! I especially love teaching 1st grade...they are so precious! This past week I subbed in a high school phy ed. class two days in a row and we played floor hockey which was pretty awesome :) This coming week I will be teaching 1st grade Mon-Thurs.

Last week we had some of Tim's bulls players over for taco in a bag night and we played a pretty fun card game and watched a movie. I was sad to take down the tree and Christmas decorations after that :(

Last weekend we went ice fishing in Alexandria with Drake!! we got to see Drake and Ivy's new house which was pretty sweet.

I made my first homemade cheesy ham and potato soup a few weeks ago and it was pretty good, Tim and I ate it right up in about two days yummm


Abby Troy and Rachel Christmas Eve

memory game!

Grandma Diane 

random picture of Zach and Scarlet napping (he has got to shave that beard soon! lol) 

Dad and Abby on Christmas Eve!

me and Drake with a little walleye

Reed with his 29 inch walleye

Me and Tim on Lake Ida

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