Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pregnancy: Weeks 4-15

I wanted to take some time to document my first pregnancy so far so that I can look back some day and remember all of these details. 

Finding out

We found out I was pregnant on Thursday, January 29, 2015! Tim and I were both not feeling very well and decided to take a sick day together to get some rest. Tim was able to work from home for a little bit and take a few naps. After waking up from my nap I decided to go buy a pregnancy test. I knew pregnancy was a possibility that month and my time of the month was already over 2 days late...I just had a feeling... So I bought a couple tests but didn't tell Tim I was going to take them. I went to the basement bathroom, did my thing and waited a few minutes. I wasn't expecting to see two pink lines so when a very faint second line appeared my jaw dropped. I remember thinking "I must be seeing things". I dropped to my knees and immediately started praying. I wanted to tell Tim in some cute way but I wasn't patient enough, I ran upstairs with the test and woke him up. I showed him the test and asked "how many lines do you see??" he said "two, why?" I said "Do you know what that means?!"... "are you pregnant?!" We were both so smiley and excited, it is such a weird feeling...kind of like holy cow...now what?! We just hugged and prayed and talked. I calculated the due date to be around October 9 (it has since been changed based on ultrasounds to Oct. 7 and then Oct. 5th).
I called and set up a doctor appointment (they want you to come in around 8 weeks, and I was only 4 weeks along..I did not want to wait that long but oh well). It is kind of fun being the only two that know about such amazing life changing news and we knew we wanted to wait awhile before telling anyone. 

No denying those lines!

Weeks 4-9

The first few weeks flew by and I was getting a little bit anxious because it just didn't sink in or feel real yet. I wasn't sick at all until around week 7, so weeks 4-6 it was very surreal to think that anything was actually growing inside of me. Around week 6 I experienced some light bleeding which scared me enough to leave work and head to the doctors office. They did some tests and set me up with an early ultrasound appointment for the following week at a different clinic and sent me home saying everything seemed fine. We were so excited/nervous for the first ultrasound and we prepared our hearts for any good/bad news we might have received. It was good news though! Baby was looking good! It really eased our minds when we got to hear and see the little heart beat at only 7 weeks! The most amazing thing EVER! I looked over at Tim and he had tears in his eyes. 

First time seeing our BABY!

After leaving that appointment we were so so over joyed and just couldn't stop praising God for giving us this precious miracle.
I had ordered a shirt for Scarlet off of Etsy that says "I am getting a baby cousin" and had a picture on my phone of her holding it. I sent that to my dad and brothers (I had already told my mom a few days earlier). They were so happy and excited for us. And Scarlet says she is going to be the "sister cousin".

I started to really feel sick around week 7. I was nauseous pretty much all day but only actually threw up a handful of days. I was very tired after work and started falling asleep super early. The most annoying thing for me throughout this pregnancy so far has been food aversions....it is hard for me to eat because nothing sounds, looks or smells good. For a few weeks I lived on crackers, gatorade, water, cereal and soup. I also pee A LOT...I wake up a couple times each night to pee which I never used to do. But it is all so worth it. 

Scarlet doing some light reading...
Around week 9 we went to Tim's parent's house to tell them the news. I ordered this adorable onesie off of Etsy and Tim gave it to his mom when all of us were hanging out. They were very excited...it was a great day. 

 We chose a new clinic and absolutely love it ...we love our doctor and we feel really comfortable there which is nice. We got to have another ultrasound around 8.5 weeks and we have heard the heartbeat a few different times. At our last appointment (13 weeks) the heartbeat was in the low 140s

Hi baby!!

Weeks 10-14

I was still pretty sick and exhausted weeks 10-12. It is hard for me to be really tired and not feel well because I normally like to be active and workout but I just wasn't feeling up to it at all the first few weeks. Finally since week 13 I haven't been as nauseous anymore and I have had more energy which is nice. I even went on a run/walk last weekend which felt so good to do. 
around week 10- already seeing a little bump

Please forgive the dirty mirror in some of the bump pictures...don't worry I cleaned it finally :)

Week 12

Week 13 or 14. Grow baby grow :)

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant. We get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl in ten days!!! We cannot wait. We both have a feeling that it is a boy but we will be so happy either way! 

Mommy and daddy love you so much little one! 

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
-Psalm 139: 13-14


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