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Wow oh wow it has been way too long since I have posted anything. I have a lot of updates to share for anyone out there who is actually interested J hehe. There might be a picture overload in this post so be prepared :) 

Last weekend was pretty fun…My dad and his girlfriend Sharon came to Iowa for the Kevin Costner concert at the surf ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. Tim and I went with them and it was actually a great time. We went out for some beers and apps before hand and then headed to the ballroom to watch the concert. The surf ballroom is such a cool place. It is the last place that Buddy Holly played in before he died. There is a lot of history there and I highly recommend visiting it.

line dancing :)

The next day we went to a wedding with the Olson family. Tim’s brother Ben was in the wedding. It was a pretty good time. We hit the dance floor quite a bit J. Ben’s girlfriend Kimmy was back in town and it was SO good to see her, she has been in Florida for grad school since last yr.

Tim's brothers- Dan and Ben
Other than that I have been keeping busy with church stuff. Our pastors are so good to us…they know that Tim works late hours so they got me involved in the kids and teen ministries on Wednesday nights and it is great. They have also invited me over and are very welcoming and nice to Tim and I. We feel so blessed.

Tim got a promotion…so proud!! However, his hours are not ideal for either of us. He works 2:30-midnight which can get long and lonely and is also the opposite of my teaching schedule. It is going to be a challenge for us but we know that if God brings us to it he will bring us through it.

Other news! I might be the head special education teacher rather than the para! I find out tomorrow if she is going to move me to the “long term sub” position while I work on getting a conditional license and take a couple more classes to get certified in Behavioral disorders.

I spent some time in the cities this week and got to see some friends and family that I have not gotten to see in quite awhile so that was awesome and fun and kept me busy while Tim is working down in Iowa. I went for a run with my mom in the 98 degree weather which was pretty tough and then we went to Menchies in Highland to get frozen yogurt...that place is so good! 
crazy runner
cake batter and cheesecake frozen yogurt YUM

I got to see my dad and uncles softball game and spend the night with my cousin Abby! I got to see my great friends Bre and Laura, I watched them win their softball league championship woohoo! I also spent some time with Angie, Noah and the gang :) 

Adorable cousin Aubrey!
Once the summer wedding weekends settle down a little bit we will have weekends to spend together and everything will be just fine. It is a little hard to live in a new town where I don’t know many people but I am so blessed to have the love and support of friends and family.
Summer is flying by and I hope everyone is enjoying it!!

God bless!


My niece Scarlet...getting so big!

Timothy J :)

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