Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Introducing Mason Tucker Olson

Here are some pictures and a video of our first couple of days with Mason our 6 week old puppy. He is a good boy but pretty much just sleeps a lot (except at night when we want to sleep). He kind of keeps us up at night and Tim and I switch off letting him out every 2 hours or so. We tried to have him sleep in a comfy dog bed inside his kennel in our room but he was whining and crying so I gave in and he sleeps with us. He will get better though he is still really really young. I cant wait until he wants to go on walks with me because I LOVE going on walks, especially in the fall! Right now he doesn't quite know what to do when we put a leash on him. 

We decided to name him Mason after we picked him up and we were driving home. We thought about Toby and Vinny and Bauer and others as well but Tim thought Mason would have a lot of meaning for us since we got him when we moved to Mason City. We don't know how long we will be living here but now we will always remember it :) Dog names are kind of hard to think of. We already have our human baby names picked out for our future kids :) haha yes I know we are a little weird but we can dream about the [near] future right ;) 

They were "playing" in our room and I found them both passed out :)

Tim eating the pickled eggs he made

carrying around his favorite toy

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Jason said...

You guys need to bring Mason to our house and let our boys live victoriously through you... I won't let them get a dog so they can just share yours! Good to find your blog!

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