Wednesday, February 5, 2014

25 Years Young

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. Back in high school 25 seemed so, not so much. I am very content with where I am at in my life so far. 2014 is looking to be a great year so far...and I know it will be filled with many more blessings. God is so faithful!

This year I hope to slow down and take time to appreciate and enjoy each and every day. I want to enjoy and remember the little things. I want to be still and spend more quiet time with God. I want to be the best friend, teacher, girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, coworker, etc. that I can be! I want to do everything with more confidence, standing on the firm foundation of God's love and favor for me. I want to allow His Holy Spirit and his unchanging Word to develop my character further and to strengthen my heart. 

Yesterday was a great birthday. I feel so blessed and loved by so many of my friends and family members thinking of me and sending me birthday wishes. I even got a cute, kind surprise at work...Tim had flowers and a very sweet message delivered to me! I met him for dinner and we had a blast. Tonight I will celebrate with my family and this weekend I am getting together with a bunch of friends which I am looking forward to! 

Such a nice text from my mom :)
Spending time with this guy last night :)
Birthday Selfie! haha
Celebrating best friend Bre's 25th last weekend


Roses from Tim :)

A very sweet post from Bre :)


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