Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life Update

I REALLY want to get better at posting more often! I realize I haven't updated the blog in awhile so here is a little post about the past month or so.

I was hired a few weeks back as the evening bootcamp instructor at the Anytime Fitness gym in South Saint Paul. It is 12 weeks long, 4 nights a week, for 1 hour each, and it will keep continuing after the 12 weeks are up. So far I have 4 lovely ladies who are signed up and consistently come to class. I have so much fun coming up with the workouts and teaching the class. I can't wait for them to see results from their hard work! (I will post all of the workouts we have done under my workout tab soon!) I believe this was totally a God thing…I got certified as a group fitness instructor through NETA in February and wasn't really looking for anything until the summer, since I will be on break from teaching…then I got a call from my mom’s friend about this job and BAM, I started the next week.

Exactly 200 days from today I will be Mrs. Timothy Olson! I am so excited and blessed that God gave me this amazing man to be my husband. We have a lot of the big wedding plans done and sort of waiting to start some of the smaller details. In the meantime Tim and I are in the middle of reading “This Momentary Marriage” by John Piper. We read and discuss one chapter each night before bed. It is a wonderful book so far and we are learning a lot about the meaning of a Christ-centered marriage. I highly recommend this book to anyone and we are looking for suggestions for more books on marriage.

"This book is a treasure in an era when the common perspective on marriage has been more shaped by sitcoms and self-help books than by Scripture. Dr. Piper lifts our hearts and minds to God's vision for marriage. Embracing God's design and purposes for marriage can make our homes tastes of heaven."

—Nancy Leigh DeMoss, author, Biblical Womanhood in the Home; radio host, Revive Our Hearts

loving pinterest lately...what I want for wedding hair :)

more wedding ideas...

Easter was pretty fun this year. Such a joyful time celebrating and rejoicing our Savior’s resurrection! We went to church in the morning and then headed over to Tim’s parents house for brunch.  My brother Troy was able to come to town for a few nights from AZ and it was so fun to spend time with him! My aunt Mary hosted a little Easter gathering for our family and it was BEAUTIFUL outside. We all sat outside and chatted, played a little volleyball and ate some food.


Troy and Scarlet!
I just love this little cutie 

Tim turned 27 in April and my mom turned the big 5-0! For Tim’s birthday I surprised him with MN Wild playoff tickets. We had pretty good seats and the Wild won in overtime! It was so exciting! My mom went to Las Vegas with my aunts and some of their friends for her 50th and I am glad she had a great time..she deserves it J
up close to the winning goal!
Lets go WILD!

My mom! 

Tim and Scarlet snoozing

I want to give a shout out to one of my college friends…Guthrie Hohlen, and his brother, Max. They have a band called “Jah People” and they played a show at Pickle Park in Fridley a few weekends back as an opening for Rhino. They did an amazing job! My friend KK also just joined the band and it was so fun to get a big group of us together to support them and sing and dance at their show. I can’t wait until they have another one!

Jah People doin their thing!

Tim and I have been attending River Valley Church at the new Eagan campus for about a month now and we really like it. We hope to get plugged into a lifegroup there soon and meet new people J The new sermon series is called “Amnesty: the power of forgiveness” and it is really hitting my heart so far. You can check out the church website here https://www.rivervalley.org/ or listen to the last sermon here: https://www.rivervalley.org/media/

Thank you for reading! I am going to be posting soon about my reactions after watching the documentsary “American Blogger” by Christopher Wiegand.  It was so inspirational and well made. Check out the trailer here! 


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Juliet Clark said...

Congrats on becoming a fitness instructor, that's the best of both worlds you get paid to stay in shape!!! I love the wedding hairstyle you have picked out, its absolutely gorgeous.


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