Wednesday, May 7, 2014


My heart is so heavy and so broken for the parents and friends of Ryan Cruz Saldana. Yesterday as I was scrolling through Instagram and twitter I noticed many fellow bloggers were posting pictures of a beautiful curly-haired red head boy with the hashtag #redballoonsforryan…after reading about it I couldn’t stop thinking about him and his family. Although I do not know this family personally, my heart won't stop hurting for them. 

Last Friday, Jacqui (a California mommy blogger here) and Dan lost their precious 3½ year old boy, Ryan in a tragic accident. He was chasing after a Frisbee and ran into the street and was hit by a truck. What a horrific thing to go through and I cannot imagine the pain they are feeling. One of their best friends writes more about it here
I watched the documentary “American Blogger” a couple weeks ago and I have been meaning to post about it, however, this tragic event shows just how much of a community is built through blogging. Tons of people around the world have rallied around this family and have been giving their love and support all over the internet. Although we cannot say that we know exactly how Jacqui and Dan feel, I can say that I know they have thousands of people praying for them and they have a God that loves them dearly and will take care of them. Life is so precious. 
Please join in praying for peace and comfort for this family and help in remembering their son, Ryan. You can donate at Thrive Moms or visit Ruthie Hart's blog for information on other ways to donate. 
 "God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted." -Matthew 5:8


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