Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s day to all of the dads out there!

I want to dedicate this post to my dad! There is so much to say about him that I could probably write a 5 page paper but I will try my best not to make it too long.

What words come to mind when I think of my dad?
Awesome, loving, caring, fun, supportive, encouraging, athletic, smart, nice, and easy going
My dad has a kind soul, a love for life and a huge heart.

I am so lucky and blessed to have the best dad ever. Growing up, my brothers and I probably didn’t even know how lucky we were. My dad was and still is so kind to us. He would do anything for his kids. I have so many memories of great times with my dad. Whether it was listening to great music, watching movies, learning how to skate, going to hockey games, learning how to fish, eating his delicious food at the cabin, going to concerts, grillin out, playing catch, putting up Christmas lights, or even just hanging out with our friends and family. My dad is one of the most positive people I have ever met. He is almost always in a good mood and tries to see the best in everyone. Growing up a lot of my friends would say (and they still do) “your dad is so cool!”, and now a days I have college friends say “let’s go have a beer with Bob, he is awesome!”

One of my favorite memories is that every single year on the last day of school my dad would wake us up by playing Alice Cooper “Schools Out” really loud. At the time I would complain about it and want to go back to sleep but now when I think about it I realize how cool and funny that is. He even called and played it for me over the phone on my last day of college!

I look up to my dad…I see how he likes to have a good time and how he is very thankful for everything he has in life. I rarely heard my dad complain about anything or wish we had things that we didn’t have. He taught us how to be thankful and how to be polite and nice to everyone we meet. He also taught us to try our best at everything we do and to work hard and never quit. I see how hard he works at his job and how much his fellow employees love to be around him.

My dad is the one who encouraged me to talk to the track coach at Hamline and I am so glad that he did. Another funny memory I have is that when I joined cross country, my parents had never been to a cross country meet or knew what they were like or anything…so the first meet that my dad came to he missed the whole race but I didn’t care I was happy that he came. He also brought me a present and a card that said “I am proud of you” and that meant a lot to me.

Also, when we were little my dad told us that it was against the law to turn off a Beatles song. Lol. And I believed him…now I know it isn’t a real law but if the Beatles ever come on the radio I listen to the whole song and I never turn it off in the middle of it.

Here is a song that I think everyone should listen to on father’s day. “Find Your Wings” by Mark Harris.
It's only for a moment you are mine to hold 
The plans that heaven has for you
Will all too soon unfold 
So many different prayers I'll pray
For all that you might do 
But most of all I'll want to know 
You're walking in the truth 
And If I never told you 
I want you to know
As I watch you grow
[ Lyrics from: ]
I pray that God would fill your heart with dreams
And that faith gives you the courage
To dare to do great things
I'm here for you whatever this life brings
So let my love give you roots
And help you find your wings 

Also, I can’t wait to dance to this song with my dad on my wedding day.

May the good Lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
surround you when you're far from home
And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true
And do unto others
As you'd have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you'll always stay
Forever Young, Forever Young
Forever Young, Forever Young

I would like to thank God, my heavenly father, for blessing me with such a great earthly father.
Also..I am so blessed to have found Tim because he honestly is pretty similar to my dad. They have a lot of the same values, interests and attitudes about life.  How lucky am I??!

Thanks so much for all you do dad! Love always, your daughter Amber Diane!


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Anonymous said...

Against the law to turn off the beetles, lol!!!!

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