Friday, June 22, 2012

Job and Celebration Dinner

Well folks, I have some pretty good news....I am no longer unemployed! I accepted a job offer to be a special education paraprofessional here in Mason City! It's probably not most people's dream job but hey, I am happy with it and it will be a good start for me for the fall.

I was getting really worried about the job situation and my spirits were a little down but the principal called me at the right time and I was so excited I didn't know what to do. Nobody was home but I still did a little dancing and singing by myself in our house (can you just picture that) haha.

I start training in August. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I want to be the best teacher for these kids that I can be.

Tim works 10am-8pm this week so the days have been a little long. I have found some ways to stay entertained though. On Tuesday I went to a high school baseball game in Clear Lake and that was pretty fun to watch. On Wednesday I went with my friend Teresa to a Mom's group at a park where the moms talk and the kids play. I was the only one without a kid there but she wanted to take me along. After that we went to another friend's house to help her finish painting/arranging furniture. I love kids and she has 4 little boys so I was in heaven there. After Tim got off of work we went to the Surf Ballroom to watch open mic night, which was pretty fun.

Yesterday I went for an early morning run with Teresa. I got the exciting phone call at about 10:30. I met Tim at Pita Pit for lunch and then I went back home.
Did some laundry.....(exciting, I know)

Then I went grocery shopping and started crafting some ideas in my head to surprise Tim with a nice dinner since he has been having such long work days. 

I made his favorite chocolate chip cookies :)

 I have been diggin the Bud Light Limes lately. Tastes pretty good on a hot summer night
 I have been diggin rum and cokes lately too so I made a trip to the nearby liquor store and got a little treat :)

I LOVE candles

 Garlic chicken with broccoli, carrots, corn and pasta YUMM
and a side of our favorite: sweet potato fries :) 
 The hard worker enjoying some dinner 
 Then we ate cookies and played the best card game ever...SPEED! Its my favorite but I get a little intense, especially when Tim beats me like 10 times in a row! haha

Well, I better go get stuff done around the house and maybe go for a run. I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!!!


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