Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was pretty laid back but fun. Here are some pictures that cover most of what I was up to this weekend. :)
Friday I drove to Albert Lea to get the title of my car transferred to my name (I bought a 2000 Nissan Altima last week...I needed to buy a car since I have been using my dad's for the past couple of years). Then I worked out and cleaned the house. We had our good friend and roommate from Hamline, Will Brown, over on Friday night so I tried to spiff up the house a bit.

Part of the living room

Then I got some groceries so that Tim and I could grill some chicken kabobs/fajitas! 

I absolutely LOVE grilled chicken :)

YUM! gotta add the summer shandy and bud light to give this picture the full effect 
 way too excited for chicken kabobs :)

So delicious

Then it was time for some good ol Church league softball :) 
Wonderful Iowa cornfields...the view behind the softball fields

Softball was so much fun. It was our first game, there was a good turnout of about 19 people there from our church to play...we play against other churches from the area. We lost by two but it was still really fun. We have met some awesome people through Praise Community Church. I am looking forward to playing softball with them every Friday this summer.

Tim and Will- great friends

On Saturday we went to the Worth Brewery Tap Room in Northwood, IA 



Went to church at Praise Community Church

Sat next to our new friends Theresa and Mike and I got to hold their baby Isaac during the service, he is such a cutie.

Everyone at Praise has been so nice and welcoming to us, it is a great place to be and I am so glad we found that church.

Another awesome thing is that one of the pastors, Pastor Mark Hicks, is a hockey guy and has really connected with Tim. Mark helps out with the high school and junior hockey teams in Mason City and has asked Tim to do some coaching for next season, which Tim is very excited about.

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Breanna said...

Great job so far Am! Here's a link to a blog that I love! The chick has great hair and fashion tips!

Amber Hoban said...

Thanks Bre! I love that blog too! I've watched some of her hair tutorials, she is great!

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