Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Short and Sweet

Dear camera, 
I wish your batteries weren't dead because I left the charger in St. Paul and was unable to take good pictures at Spencer’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful and I am glad we went. Here are the couple pictures that I took of the four amigos that attended. I wish I would've had a working camera at the ceremony so I could share some pictures of it. 

Dear Mason City, Hampton, Sheffield and Clear Lake,
Thank you for the many opportunities and possibilites for jobs this coming fall. I have had 3 interviews in the past week and I have 2 more coming up in the next two weeks. I am trying my best and I hope the plan God has for me becomes clear in the next couple of weeks.

Dear Cargill,
You are a great company but your training schedule makes Tim's sleep schedule very wacky. This week he is working overnighs so it is a bit lonely and weird being alone at night and having Tim come home and go to sleep in the morning when I am about ready to wake up. But it's all good, it will all work out. Next week he is back to working days though so the poor guy might be a bit tired.

Dear Blog,
I am sorry I havnt had time to tend to you lately but I am studying my butt off for my HOPEFULLY LAST MN state teaching licensure exam. Let’s hope I pass and finally receive that license in the mail!

p.s. my glasses came in today. I might look a little dorky but at least I can see the road signs when I am driving now :) 


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